Week Two – DMP2

Growth, Change, Acceptance. I am reading Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. Powerful words are in that book. And it takes a lot of humbleness to be able to allow its penetration into your subconscious.

This whole book is my desire. How do I write that into my DMP. I am a canoe afloat out on the ever changing ocean. I want to follow all the other boats, but I don’t know how to use a canoe.  Plus my canoe needs fixing.

I am vulnerable. I do not know my burning desire. How can I write a DMP when I don’t know where to start?  I have not dreamed in a very long time.  My goals were goals for other people. My joy came because I did it to provide the means for other people’s joy. I love being a mother, wife, and friend. Everything I did was done freely and without expectations of any returns.  I do not know how to put a monetary value on what I want. I do not know what to sacrifice to give up to accomplish my desire.  What is my desire? I never thought to have one. Because I freely gave it away.

MKMMA has definitely helped me “discover the golden Buddha within me”. But the PAIN, the feelings stored up and oozing out is becoming unbearable. Am I alone? NO. I hope not. The lessons speak directly to me. follow the lessons. Do what they say to do. Do not stop the momentum that has been generated.  As the book writes “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”.

Today, I said goodbye to a very loving and kind man. He was a perfect example of unconditional action. May Raymond Choriki, Rest in Peace…. So to you who is reading this, YOU are LOVED. I pray my journey be an inspiration to you. Take one day at a time. Read the scroll #1. Read it for 30 days or until it becomes you.

My DMP? It will evolve as I evolve? 5 points. 1) What monetary goal. 2) How will you get this monetary goal. What you intend to give in return? 3) Specific Time frame. 4) Create a definite plan to fulfill the desire. INCLUDE “feelings, how you will feel, how it makes you feel, write it in the present state”…. I write/post this to put this into my subconscious.

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2 thoughts on “Week Two – DMP2

  1. masterkeyjosephmkmma


    ¡ Namaste ! :-) Stacie & I Hope You Are Having A Loving, Blessed, Happy, Healthy, And Prosper-Us Day…

    I, too, have struggled with having other’s imprints of their desired expectations and requirements block and take place of My True Personal Pivotal Needs. This new #MKMMA Experience is Helping Me diss-integrate with the Bugs Bunny Martian’s Diss-Integrator Ray, the “Bushel” that has blocked My Lamp.

    Looking forward to more posts.

    Love Well, Live Long, And Prosper-Us,
    With Love,
    I Truly Re-Main,


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