Week two: DMP

Definite Main Purpose

Why is this so difficult for me? It is the writing down of a dream that I never allowed myself to even think about. How can I write in present tense? How can I write how I feel? Feel? What is feel? I am limited to happy, sad, disappointed, unappreciated, taken advantage of, uncared for, neglected, battered, verbally abused, crying, pent up of anger, holding in emotions, putting on a blank face, dump, laughed at, feeling low, scammed.

So much, and so little.

Reading Week 2 workbook and assignment reflect all to true on how difficult this is. What type am I? Stretch me…. I will not quit.

I am battling the subconscious, this is true. I have never faced this, In the past I ignored it.

I feel so alone right now. Just me and my journal. I have still 1 hour before going to bed, as it states in the assignment to turn off the computer and get into a restful place. Read the scroll. Turn off the electronics. Making new habits is a major change for me too. Very sad that I have only shared 200 words of thought.

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