Week One – Building momentum

Tuesday – Motivation
Journalizing is new for me. An old blueprint of memories of putting words on paper makes it real and tangible. Somewhere along the line I have stopped expressing myself for fear of being disappointed. However, writing is the means of communicating.
Reading is also new to me. I stopped reading because I didn’t want to learn anymore. My mother kept giving me self-help books to read. She always chose her topics of interest for me to read. I was turned off to self-help books.
So I was attracted to MKMMA because of the personal growth and self realization of who I am. I truly believe I am golden covered in mud.
Organization. I don’t know how to take care of me. I never have time for me. This journey is forcing me to take time for me to do my lessons, to do my daily requirements, to relax. Totally a new experience for me since I usually focus on my husband and children and pets. I help others and on occassions I get to enjoy myself too.
Failure. I have the fear of failure. I need to believe that I can do this. I need to allow myself for dedicated time for me.
Tired. I don’t want to be tired when I do me lessons. I realize I need to change this. I can’t do my stuff last and while everyone is sleeping.

Tuesday – Motivation

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