Week Four – Positive Unsolicited Energy

I can do it!! IT happened.

Thank You. Thank YOU.

How do I describe the wonderful things that is happening for me. Things are aligned. I was to express everything. How do I? Will you understand?

Wednesday was a MKMMA payday. Everything I have been learning (it’s a struggle, but I always make a step forward) just all came together. I can not explain how or why things came about for me, but it did. MKMMA works. DO IT. Put into action. Address the Old blue print and create a New blue print.

I am in the middle of a convention. So exciting and filled with energy. Lots of motivation. Lots to learn. I wants to be “wowed”. I wanted to come out with a “take away”. What will it be?

I didn’t write it on my chore card, as I was under the idea it need to be accomplished and read for 7 days.

It must have been written in invisible ink….because things were made possible because I took the initiative to make calls and appointments. I was able to have a private meeting with 3 major people in our Company. ┬áThe meetings were positive. Then I got pictures with major leaders in my company who I interacted with via telephone or Facebook. I never meet them before. Wednesday and Thursday was the first time I meet my virtual friends, who now had a face and body to go with their voice or writings. I didn’t prearranged these meetings, but they all came in a timely manner that I was able to visit with each one for at least 20 minutes.

I also got to be part of a special tour, that because I was at the right place at the right time, I was able to reap the benefits.

I am grateful for being part of MKMMA . It got introduced to me are the correct time in my life. I am feeling the difference already.

Sorry…if I seem to choppy in expression this time, but it am trying to stick with the parameters of MKMMA.. Can you feel my excitement??.

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3 thoughts on “Week Four – Positive Unsolicited Energy

  1. John D Laudenslager (@jonlaudenslager)

    Julia, It sound to me as though the Law of Attraction is working in your life and your business. Choppy or no the message was clear and inciteful to me. Kudos on the post and your success in MKMMA.


  2. masterkeyjohnp

    Sounds Like you had an awesome time in my old home town of Salt Lake City.

    It’s incredible what some enthusiasm can do for a week isn’t it? And coming together with an amazing group, and with an amazing company just puts it over the top. Keep giving the excitement, it’s contagious.


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