Week Four – Positive Goal Accomplished

I did it!!!!

I have never done a road trip driving the whole way straight. I just completed a 12 hour drive from 3pm to 3am. Night driving at speed limit, anywhere between 45 to 80 MPH.

Let me set the picture for you. My husband always drove the long distance. When I drove years before it was with little children who needed attention.  THIS TIME, it was only me and my best friend since childhood. We had always said we would do a trip together, just us girls. No husbands, no kids. We made that promise back in 3rd grade when her family moved away to Maryland. We have been pen pals ever since. We share one year of high school in the same state, but we lived far enough not do things together. I left for college  and we never have been in the same state since. I go to visit her for 2 hours every time I visit my parents which is about every 2 years. Now…for the first time….we are making this happen.

Crazy the plan…she flies from Hawaii with a layover in LA and Salt Lake City before arriving in Montana, only to stay for 3 hours to see my home and visit with my husband. We hopped into my car and drove the 12 hours to be in Salt Lake City.  It was the best 12 hours of visiting and giggling and laughing and brain storming and dreaming and planning. All WITHOUT a phone. I got to pinch her many times to believe it really has happened.

My fears of being tired was all gone, even though I should be exhausted. I had lots of conflicting circumstances which I over came. I smile looking at my colors. All GOOD. Happy happy.

I set my card tasks and I accomplished Monday and Tuesday. Rip out carpet means moving furniture. Talking to siding contractor. Talking to flooring contractor. I didn’t believe I could do it because it all involved the agenda of other people, but it all flowed together. I left feeling pleased that my household will be fine while I am gone.  There are more on my card. Positive input will bring positive results.  I write from my heart now, I want to quote everything from Part 4…all 32.

Even though I am not home. I am able to follow my commitment to MKMMA. So exciting !!! Exhausted, but still read my scrolls allowed with enthusiasm.

Growing growing stretch.

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3 thoughts on “Week Four – Positive Goal Accomplished

  1. kathyseys

    Julia, what a great experience! Good for you. I can feel your enthusiasm and your heart singing as you blog about your experience with your bestie and with MKMMA. Many Blessings, Kathryn

  2. Valeska Harraud

    Jedi Julia, YOU ROCK!!!!! I cannot begin to express how astonishing your transformation is, and we are only 4 weeks into the journey! Thank you for your generous sharing. I love your blog!


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