Week Five – Silence frequency

#25 Over-work or over-play or over-bodily activity of any kind produces conditions of mental apathy and stagnation which makes it impossible to do the more important work which results in a realization of conscious power. We should, therefore, seek the Silence frequently.  Power comes through repose; it is in the Silence that we can be still, and when we are still, we can think, and thought is the secret of all attainment.

Quote from Week 4.

I can not take credit for these words of wisdom. But I need it. I am still at a struggling daze of fog. I feel overwhelmed with how my life is progressing. It is moving faster than I thought possible. The words colors shapes are all over the place I feel it is wrong. What am I not doing. What am I missing.

“mental freedom”  I want that. I can get that. MKMMA is guiding me to cutting my own path.

I have to change up something. My mind is drained. My week has been horrible. But yet my giving and receiving card and controlling my “opinion” was SO challenging.

I was so sad and depress until.. This moment… An ah ha moment. What I was depressed and sad, I should be happy.  I just realized that “my new blue print” my “MKMMA soul” ……worked.

I was depressed to share 2 different incidents of negative circumstances which I was cornered in. 1st incident…I let them speak and I did not say anything but to say “I love you” and. Continued to listen. I gave out hugs. Really heart filled tender “I care” squeeze hard pat on the back grabbing HUG. Plus a piece of really good mouth watering dark chocolate.

2nd incident… I spoke my opinion. Because I was cornered in a verbal circumstance and I had to defend my position or loose my friendship. It was that tense. I was totally overwhelmed with the power of confidence that I gained from MKMMA. I shared where I got this released empowerment. I told her, we did have a difference, we knew it, we addressed it. Now she needs to decide what she wants to do with it. She picked friendship because she replied back to me within 24 hrs.

Without revealing too much… I hope you realized that from Sunday to Tuesday through Thursday and for me to have my “lightbulb” moment while forcing myself to write this blog, because I dread sharing how what I thought was stressful….REALLY was not stressful. If I had stepped back to see what really was happening I could have saved myself from a lot of tension.

Forgot about my son’s incident…but quickly shared, I did realize the power of suggestion that the new blue print stepping up to curb my actions.

sorry. I still feel like I am typing in code. But, I like what I am sharing.

Good Night. I feel better now.

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4 thoughts on “Week Five – Silence frequency

  1. kathyseys

    OH, Julia. I have the empathy of what you felt this past week. Overwhelmed, not going fast enough, yet too fast all at one time. Your insight, however, brought you through. Your love brought you to insight. I think, as you did, that we all bring on our own tensions…right now maybe by fighting that old blueprint. However, the new came shining through for you. Job well done. Big win. May your love light continue in ways you never thought possible. God Bless.


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