Week 9 – Monday – Tears of Joy

Tears,  tears, tears.


Thank you for all the webinars available for us to relisten to. Webinar 9 struck the inner most part of me. I have cried each Sundays on the webinars live, I didn’t understand why, but webinar 9 connected it mostly. I am sure my learning curve is extremely slow, but with the right tools I am able to relisten at my own pace. I decided I was going to blog everyday moving forward from my Week 8 Blog.  Fly or fall with style.  Accepting that I can make a difference in myself, accepting all the changes, accepting that change is good, accepting the unexplainable, accepting that I can share without being “judged”.

I have been a programed student. I didn’t realize that I was holding back change. Can that be possible? Must have because, my actions have been just actions. No true connection. What is the difference? You (the team, the alliance) are the difference. I followed, Mark, Davene and the Team and my guide…but having the learning types explained help me understand that I have short falls or have stopped too soon or have gone way over board. Yet, it is all making sense. I still don’t express like the many blogs posts I read and follow…but that will come. I could write all my notes from the webinar and express what I liked, but that doesn’t seem right. 9 weeks into the program. I blog for me. I blog to express and grow. Blogging once a week doesn’t make that commitment to expression. I will stop crying.

Mastermind is necessary.

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4 thoughts on “Week 9 – Monday – Tears of Joy

  1. masterkeyjohnp

    It’s great to hear of your discovery of self and how to really make the Master Key Connection. I’m hoping with all the years that:
    1. They are now tears of joy, and
    2. You’re keeping yourself well hydrated.

    Nice post!


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