Week 8 Inclusive membership

Thank you MKMMA…everyone from Mark and Davene, through the staff, along with the guides and embracing fellow alliance members 5 names at a time.  My world has gotten larger. No longer am I alone.

I am learning everyday. I am taking one step at a time. I am reading and definitely enjoying the journey which everyone I have virtually meet via our blogging and tweets. This is new for me. I love the new me evolving through MKMMA. So much information to be processed. The program is well developed and I am overwhelmed on my results. Many times I have to thank the old blue print from trying to “save” me from my new blue print. I am grateful for all the visuals and service cards and movie poster and DMP and news press.  I am believing in me as I become exposed to different writing styles, different thoughts, different expressions. I did not realize the vast world of unknown that I have not been exposed to.

My mental diet of negative/positive … A total awareness that I first would retract into my shell (turtle response)..observe from a safe place…then come out when it is safe. Pros and Cons to that behavior. Plus is that the negative is avoided. Silence is better than conflict. Law of Substitution was used sometimes. As I reflect on the week, it been more like a duck, letting things just roll off my back.

Majority of my negative is my hardship of myself with MKMMA. I compare myself. But through the midweek talk with my guide my journey is my own.  I want to help, I hope I am helping, I am helping.  I am helping myself. It is me that I love, and I am a good person.

Thoughts with feelings equals belief. Belief becomes habits. Our thought are habits dictates our actions which gives us results. Regurgitated from our second week. Negative thoughts of not being able to verbally express myself nor write is hard for me because my old blue print says I can not plagiarizing? So how do I explain what I just read? So…an ah ha moment was reveals to me that all these words are feeding my subconscious. Negative thought… That was week 2. Positive thought..at least I figured it out. Negative thought….crap I got to reread, redo, find what I missed, look for what I did wrong, catch up… Positive thought…call my guide, read other alliance members, share, interact. Apply what I know and give. ….Negative thought…can’t do that! It’s an unsolicited opinion.  Positive thought… Look lovingly into their eyes. See what is in there. If hurt, listen and give total eye contact. If confused, they’d ask what you starring at? Door open for my response. Yet all with love in my heart, wanting to reach out and help. How do I do that? By using my voice that is regurgitating the many sentences and phrases that I read daily…with enthusiasm!!! Yikes, where did that come from? Subby…. I have one?   hello… What have we been doing for 8 weeks?

Believe. Confidence. Light that rocket. Let’s go, Julia… fly, or at least fall with style.


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7 thoughts on “Week 8 Inclusive membership

  1. masterkeyjohnpJohn

    Hi Julia,

    I love your openness and honesty! The old blue print can be very naughty in not wanting to go quietly but you obviously have the tools to put her to bed. I see and hear sheep… she must be sleeping now.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. masterkeyjoycen

    Julia, I agree with the above comment about your closing line to fly or fall with style. I’m still smiling. I love how you share yourself with such heartfelt honesty. It’s an honor to be on this journey with you.


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