Week 20 – Focusing on One Task

Saturday, February 21, 2015
Please forgive me for not posting my blog. When I posted my Hero’s Journey on week 17, I fell into a low…Knowing that a new habit is my goal, I continued with my basics…I can not explain WHY

Thursday Night passed and I still didn’t hit the publish. But today, Saturday, I am determined to NOT multitask and focus on one. FOCUS.

So, watch this WIMP video I saw on Friday. I flame of heat and light entered my mind. Will you get the same feeling?


Sorry, I don’t know how to add it so that you don’t have to click on the link. 11:18am.. been working on this for 40min. Learned how to use the shorten link and customize it for my own purpose. But to get it to be seen on this free WordPress, must make the difference.

11:41am. Here is my FEAR. Posting and not getting it the way I want it.
I promise I will update. If you are reading this… thank you. The video is worth watching.

Blog: I decided to write out my blog, and then go back and figure out the video to be inserted.

Soo… after watching this video very late Friday Night, I decided this what I will write about. It was back on Week 12, when we sat and looked at ourselves in a mirror for 1 hour. I went back to read my blog. I am grateful, I did write. WRITING is so important. Truly is. I know now that my absence for the past 3 posts hurt me more. But I also realize that being connected with the WHOLE Alliance is vital for my growth. The Whole alliance gives energy when energy from within is VERY weak.

So back to the 4 minutes SIT. ¬†Starring into one’s eyes. The emotions that stirs. ONLY my fellow MKMMA member will understand this next comment…. I sat for 4 MINUTES and starred into my Future Self… I went back and redid Week 12 and sat and looked at myself. It was a mindset that I really needed to do inorder to break free. ¬†I looked deep into her eyes and found a wonderful person….whole, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and HAPPY….yes, happy …. It brings me to the video that was shared in class…. “fake it until you make it”…I’m embarrassed.

I look to my “big brothers and sisters”, I read their blogs with dry thirst, absorbing everything I can, I am exhausted… But, its a progression…My Pace. I will not fall behind. The end is near… am I prepared to be on my own??

12:10pm Thank you, Paul Turner of Ontario, CA…Masterminding at its Finest!!!! If you want to put a video into your blog, you need to have the correct link. So for YouTube, you need the share link. Here it is for you.

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2 thoughts on “Week 20 – Focusing on One Task

  1. mgleong94010

    Glad that you’re back. I took a class through Jaunty where we focus on starring at one person for 2 minutes. It took out the fear of doing it with a stranger in class. It was a class to overcome fears of mingling and talking to people at random. Thanks for reminding me of that class, Julia.

  2. Paul Turner

    Hello Julia: It was a pleasure to help you out this afternoon. We have spoken a couple times on the phone. When I hear your voice, I hear a love for life. You have a loving heart. Please continue to share it with the world. Love is in short supply out there. Thank you for being part of the team.


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