Week 18 – Death and New Life… the struggle admitted

Saturday, February 21, 2015
Please forgive me for not posting my blog. When I posted my Hero’s Journey on week 17, I fell into a low…Knowing that a new habit is my goal, I continued with my basics…I can not explain WHY,  but if you jump to Week 20, then you may understand my thoughts during week 18-19. I did write 18-19 in a word document…. here it is:

Difficult week for me. Sad week…7 days…hard news of death, returning of cancer only to be lifted up in the birth of my 2nd granddaughter.

We had to read obituaries, and I had to lift my girlfriend in support and help her write on for her father. The reflection of how his “dash” was spent had me really evaluating my own life and how I would like to live my life. I am very grateful for the Scroll V for this month. It just is a very heavy scroll and yet an inspirational scroll. My daughter gave birth to a beautiful little girl. My second granddaughter. The new life that begins, makes me want to get take action in my development in this MKMMA self-discovery course.

Never ever give Up. Am I observing myself and being decisive or indecisive? I need to continue my Hero’s Journey and move into the unknown. I am afraid.

Do I hit publish?

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