Week 16…. Faith and Trust and Gratitude

Thank you for reading my blog. I am very grateful for the commitment everyone is taking for their personal journey.  I am grateful that you took the time to spend with me and my thoughts.  My reflection for tonight is…”To pursue the heart of God and bring blessings to others.”

16 Weeks ago I participated in MKMMA on total blind faith.  I was exposed to Go90Grow, and took the opportunity to further my experience with MKMMA. I did not watch the 3 promoting videos. I just knew it was good for me and my business.  Mark J kept telling us to have Faith and to Trust the process.  Little did I know that my desire was to truly reveal the Golden Buddha within me. I thought it was to “make gold..money”  YES. I am finding gold. The gold in me. I followed and did the assignments.

This week’s assignment on Kindness was a magnet to many experiences. Sharing our experiences and actions in the Alliance stirred more frequent visits to the Alliance area, and I enjoyed reading the many comments. It does generate an energy of positive actions.  My environment and surroundings needs more Kindness.  I realize it can begin with me, and it can multiply and radiate.  An old piece of cement was found and disgarded. When good is happening around me, bad enters in.  This has happened many times to me, but with my new found habits, I have been able to recognize the bad and take control of the situation before it got out of hand.  I am grateful for the Alliance for within the Alliance I was able for find support and comfort when I had difficulty.  Dream Stealers are difficult to be around, but with Og Mandino’s Scroll IV… “I place my uniqueness on display in the marketplace” and I no longer will let them change me to conform.

Words of encouragement was “I am water eroding the mountain”. It is amazing how much the momentum of the class has created such an impact in my life.

I still hesitate in writing, but I will write. I will share with you.

I spent more time on twitter. I am liking to write small clips, but usually I share a slippit of wisdom.

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5 thoughts on “Week 16…. Faith and Trust and Gratitude

  1. masterkeyjoycen

    You beautifully shared the place so many of us find ourselves in along this journey. I, too, took this course looking for gold. My great reward is finding it in myself. Very nice post.

  2. Jerry

    Great blog and lots of emotions portrayed in the blog. I’m sure most first timers came looking for gold and many will find it in themselves. I’m also sure a few will find it both inside and outside and I hope you are one of them. I loved the video, not to long but a great story told.

  3. Janet Andrews

    Just keep writing and sharing what is inside. That is how you keep getting better and better…both personally and with your writing. We are here eager to listen and support!
    Blessings and Love on the Journey,


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