Week 14 … 2015 Big Game Change

This week’s focus was “Harmony”. It is just beginning. Only less than 30 hours into New Year, and time continues to move on. How I am going to spend those precious seconds, minutes, hours, days?

I need to apply all that we have learned over the past 14 weeks. It is time to put into action. I recognize my weaknesses, and to overcome the weakness of “lack of knowledge” is to start applying my new found knowledge into my everyday life.

Speak all in positive tenses. Be Positive.

Where is the dumpyard for negative? If saying two negatives together does that constitue a positive?

I will blog from me. Sharing from me.

Positive: I am grateful for my guide how is very encouraging. My guide helps me overcome my fears of the unknown. My guide listens to me, and I eventually talk my answer out of myself. My guide has introduced me to 20 more people of MKMMA which have also extended the jewels of their journey.  My guide is guiding me.

I welcome 2015.

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