Week 12 …. Do It Now



This is the result of my 50 minutes. We were given the task to look at ourselves for 50 minutes.  I am growing at my own pace. I am changing. I love the change. I love that I am not alone, and my struggles are part of growing. Accepting the change is another story.  I have to live by the compass…that has been difficult, so for me DO IT NOW is necessary.

My sentence “I am a radiant self-reliant liberated  woman of indestructible faith, highly honored and respected, helpful to others and in-service to the world.” Saying it for 50minutes, with enthusiasm.

I repeated the 50 minutes on Monday, while cooking dinner. At this point I added smell and taste. I had my favorite, Adobo Pork, made my way. The kitchen filled with the smell of vinegar, simmered to perfect flavor with garlic and bay leave. Dinner was served within the 50 minutes so as I ate is scored every bite. Silence was part of the dinner, so my mind went crazy as I recited my sentence in my head…attaching this experience to memory.

Tuesday came with very little thought, but woke up to my childhood song of “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” Guess my new blue prints been busy all night. The melody was able to recite my sentence. BAM….got my audio.

Wednesday… Touch, how do I touch… Like I do naturally, I touch people. This time I went to visit my mother in law who is now in nursing home. I gave her a leg massage as I visited with her.  There is not much conversation as she has dementia and her thoughts are scattered. But I shared with her my sentence and recited it to her 20 times. She asked me how is it possible I said it for 50 minutes. Cute. She got it. When she is sharp, she is sharp. Yes, her subby comes out every once and awhile.





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3 thoughts on “Week 12 …. Do It Now

  1. jimmymkmma

    Well done Julia. I wish to had better results, hahaha. I did the 50min exercise in front of the mirror. Feel some change but didn’t make to the end as I was taking lunch.


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