Week 11… 15 minute sit

MKMMA teaches us in progression. I found learning the skills in progression and not skipping steps is what builds confidence and success.  I cannot expect to take short cuts and work around my weaknesses, I know I have to work through my weaknesses and develop the skills necessary to be the BEST JULIA, I can be!!!

I had the experience of sitting in a dental chair for my cleaning and filling a cavity. The need to just sit was an opportunity for me to take advantage. I loved the exercise of drawing the black line. But the experience of seeing shapes and colors and hearing my sound tracks in my head…was AWESOME.

okay…. I am still lost for my own words to write. I want to just copy all our readings and write my favorites…but you have already read them. I have shared with some of you my fear of plagiarism. I have also learned from reading many other posts, as long as I give reference and not claim as my own, then I should quote, with quotations. My other fear is that I feel I have to write from memory. My memory is not good, and I have to have cheat sheets, long before having 4×5 cards that we have been using.  I understand the wiring of the “peptides” in the brain, and appreciate it even more now because of MKMMA.

Glanced at my word count is 240. My goal is write without hesitation. But with a flow of thought and not bouncing all over the place. I want to have a post over 250 words. I don’t have a style of writing. A fresh block of clay forming, work in progress.

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6 thoughts on “Week 11… 15 minute sit

  1. masterkeyjohnp

    Hi Julia, I think your post is an honest one and it let me feel how you are feeling. I especially liked your commentary on the need to avoid taking short cuts, you’re so right! This course is to be savored and enjoyed. Thanks for posting and posting on time.

  2. Jaipreet

    It is not always easy to share your thoughts and feelings……you are doing great! It is great that you are so creative in finding time for your sit…..well done!!

  3. jimmymkmma

    Hello Julia,

    as I go through your post, I can see that YOU have your writing style. It brings authenticity and that’s what we’re here for, aren’t we ? Thank you for your honesty !

    Talking about quote ? Here’s one from Stephen King to motivate you to reach your 250 words :)

    “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.”

    1. Julia Standish

      Thank you for this quote. I have reading a lot since MKMMA. Reading others blogs intimidate me, but encourage me as well. Mental blocks of writing from memory stops me from writing, but I am working on jotting down notes and creating from there. Thank you for the encouragement.


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