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2015Week15 – Words to Reflect On

“She’s the gal to please, never mind all the rest,
For she’s with you clear up to the end
And you’ve passed your most dangerous, difficult test
If the gal in the glass is your friend”

I found some words. This may help my UNKNOWN cement.

I am moving forward, yet I struggle.  Do you see a WORD you can relate to? Today I pick MAUERBAUERTRAURIGKEIT....because its the longest!!  Not really, but because of its definition.
I couldn’t explain my hesitation on blogging. Even though it is a requirement. I love reading everyone else, but never the confidence that I “have something” to share. I realize it was my old blueprint, but I couldn’t write that every week. But today, I found this list that has opened more awareness for me.


I had no intention of pushing you away from me. But I realize that by not participating and sharing my journey with you… I actually was isolating myself.

Please leave me a message, maybe a “word” that you can relate to.



“For it isn’t your Father, or Mother, or Partner for life,
Who judgement upon you must pass.
The person whose verdict counts most in your life
Is the gal staring back from the glass.”

Keeping up with the posting…
But I am lost for words,
Thank you for checking up on me.

I will update, and inform you.


“When you get what you want in your struggle of pelf,
And the world makes you Queen for a day,
then go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what that gal has to say.”

Thank you for checking up on me.

I will update, and inform you.


2015Week 12 – 50 minutes with Myself

December 13, 2015

Your presence is greatly appreciated. Thank you. Please leave a comment.

I just met the most wonderful person this afternoon. I spent 50 minutes with her.

The exercise was to recite my one sentence in a mirror, directly looking into myself, straight into my eyes.  So much concentration. Can I do it?

“I am a radiant, self-reliant, liberated woman of indestructible faith, highly honored and respected, helpful to others and in-service to the world.”

This video shows a sit for only 4 minutes. You as a reader, not knowing what I just have been through, now have an understanding. YES. Joy and Love emerge in the first 5 minutes. FEAR, uncertainty, questions, doubt..seeps into my thoughts.  Duo thoughts run side by side as I look deep into my brown eyes.

Thoughts of my fellow MK members, those who are on this journey with me, made me wonder. Who is refusing the “call” to their personal greatness. I am so grateful to my members who embraced their new blue print.

HELPFUL TO OTHERS AND IN-SERVICE TO THE WORLD.  This is my blessing to you from me. I am committed to you. You might be an ant in the MKMMA, but you will eventually move the mountain. One mouthful at a time. OR maybe you are a turtle (with a hard shell that is part of you) basking in the sun on the beach absorbing the sun rays waiting for the perfect time to enter into the Ocean, and swim…jetting through the water, where you are most comfortable.

Are you the leading lady/man? or the understudy? or are you just watching the movie?

But I am going to end with some context from an email from Mark J.

Sometimes people say “I’m so behind” or “it takes so much time” or…fill in the blank. Trust this: Greatness lies within each and every person and your old blueprint and habits is nothing more and nothing less than unconsiously refusing the “call”.

So let me be blunt… these dragons we all have are much easier to slay with a group that is going to push and support you.
“No one makes it without a mastermind”, Napoleon Hill. 

Answer the call, dig deeper and ask for help. Finding and drawing out your greatness so you become a self-directed thinker is contingent on leveraging a mastermind. We know the reality of who we are now can trigger unconscious decisions to set up the “escape” but … as my mentor said to me, “if you can’t slay
your dragons with a group that will help you stay on track with purpose and plan, what are the odds of you doing on your own.”

A final word?  Your future self is great, let’s get on with the rescue.

Follow me on my journey and join me next fall for your own Hero’s Journey 2016MKMMAwithJulia click on the tab above to get on the advance notice list.

Thanks for reading my post. Please leave me a comment.

2015Week 11 – One Sentence DMP

Blessings to you.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

TODAY, December 12, 2015… is the first entry of my 2015 MKMMA Experience.

It’s about time for me to join the membership, and step out of my comfort zone and share my 2015MKMMA Experience.

This week we are asked to write a One Sentence DMP.

My DMP:  To love God and to help others to know him, I serve others with gratitude.
Specific: a selfless action to make a difference daily, consistently.
Measurable: My goal is to make a difference to atleast one person a day.
Attainable: YES, But, there are struggles and challenges everyday that distract me from being a good person. (Mental Diet proves this…)
Realistic: YES, I strive to live my life with Jesus and Mary our Mother, as examples.
Timely: infinity… this is every micro-second of my life on earth until I take my last breathe.

My DMP does not have a monetary measurement,  money is not a Personal Pivotal Need. For this I say thank you. Thank you because I do not have the heavy cement of a financial burden holding me back from completing my hero’s journey. I accept this blessing with gratitude.

Last year in 2014Grow90Go, I viewed myself as a “fly on the wall”.  When I was on my first webinar, I wrote in the question area, “Are you real or a recording?”.  That drew enough of an attention that Mark J. unmuted me and I was interacting with him.   Mark J, specifically spoke to me on the webinar and told me, “Julia, You are a butterfly. You are beautiful, whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy!!” Mark J was a real personable voice on the other side of the phone. I was using my smartphone to view the webinar.  It was a changing moment for me. Someone really cared about ME.

I made the commitment to finish the 2014MKMMA program.  With a lot of hesitation and resistance, but with the help of my guide, Casandra  O’Neal, Mark J has proven unconditionally, that every interaction with him is freely given away. The only thing he expects is IMPROVEMENT to yourself. The only one who matters is ME….The words World Within and World Without…
As long as YOU/I/ME are moving forward, and moving towards the NEW ME…then all his work was successful.  Mark J and his wife the Fabulous Davene only wants the best for each and everyone that does the work.

That is what I want for YOU. I want YOU, my reader, to receive the BLESSINGS of the MKMMA program. I desire your DMP to manifest as you progress along your own HERO’s Journey

I am a 2015 INTERN Guide. Because of you, my MKMMAwithJulia members and everyone who is reading this entry… I am now on the 2015 BLOG ROLL.  This blog is not totally complete, nor caught up, but that is part of my  hero’s journey. My goaI is to encourage those who can relate to my situation and willing to join me. I am grateful to learn from all the MKMMA members who have gifts and talents which have helped me to obtain my own DMP.

Thanks for visiting. I appreciate your input and feedback.

Julia in Montana