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Week 5 – Floating in the Drift

I am numb.

I had the Ah ha moments. The Light BULB shining brightly. But now I am a BLAH. It is midweek. My card is colorful, but at the moment I can’t see it…

OLD BLUE PRINT….go away.. I see you and I reject you. You are confusing me. I will acknowledge you, but you are passe. You are being replaced.

Feed the mind with positive thoughts. Reading my Master Keys. Reading the Scroll ONE.

What is wrong with me…. gonna hit publish.

I will go back to basics. I will sit for 15 minutes. I need to reboot.

Week Four – Positive Unsolicited Energy

I can do it!! IT happened.

Thank You. Thank YOU.

How do I describe the wonderful things that is happening for me. Things are aligned. I was to express everything. How do I? Will you understand?

Wednesday was a MKMMA payday. Everything I have been learning (it’s a struggle, but I always make a step forward) just all came together. I can not explain how or why things came about for me, but it did. MKMMA works. DO IT. Put into action. Address the Old blue print and create a New blue print.

I am in the middle of a convention. So exciting and filled with energy. Lots of motivation. Lots to learn. I wants to be “wowed”. I wanted to come out with a “take away”. What will it be?

I didn’t write it on my chore card, as I was under the idea it need to be accomplished and read for 7 days.

It must have been written in invisible ink….because things were made possible because I took the initiative to make calls and appointments. I was able to have a private meeting with 3 major people in our Company.  The meetings were positive. Then I got pictures with major leaders in my company who I interacted with via telephone or Facebook. I never meet them before. Wednesday and Thursday was the first time I meet my virtual friends, who now had a face and body to go with their voice or writings. I didn’t prearranged these meetings, but they all came in a timely manner that I was able to visit with each one for at least 20 minutes.

I also got to be part of a special tour, that because I was at the right place at the right time, I was able to reap the benefits.

I am grateful for being part of MKMMA . It got introduced to me are the correct time in my life. I am feeling the difference already.

Sorry…if I seem to choppy in expression this time, but it am trying to stick with the parameters of MKMMA.. Can you feel my excitement??.

Week Four – Positive Goal Accomplished

I did it!!!!

I have never done a road trip driving the whole way straight. I just completed a 12 hour drive from 3pm to 3am. Night driving at speed limit, anywhere between 45 to 80 MPH.

Let me set the picture for you. My husband always drove the long distance. When I drove years before it was with little children who needed attention.  THIS TIME, it was only me and my best friend since childhood. We had always said we would do a trip together, just us girls. No husbands, no kids. We made that promise back in 3rd grade when her family moved away to Maryland. We have been pen pals ever since. We share one year of high school in the same state, but we lived far enough not do things together. I left for college  and we never have been in the same state since. I go to visit her for 2 hours every time I visit my parents which is about every 2 years. Now…for the first time….we are making this happen.

Crazy the plan…she flies from Hawaii with a layover in LA and Salt Lake City before arriving in Montana, only to stay for 3 hours to see my home and visit with my husband. We hopped into my car and drove the 12 hours to be in Salt Lake City.  It was the best 12 hours of visiting and giggling and laughing and brain storming and dreaming and planning. All WITHOUT a phone. I got to pinch her many times to believe it really has happened.

My fears of being tired was all gone, even though I should be exhausted. I had lots of conflicting circumstances which I over came. I smile looking at my colors. All GOOD. Happy happy.

I set my card tasks and I accomplished Monday and Tuesday. Rip out carpet means moving furniture. Talking to siding contractor. Talking to flooring contractor. I didn’t believe I could do it because it all involved the agenda of other people, but it all flowed together. I left feeling pleased that my household will be fine while I am gone.  There are more on my card. Positive input will bring positive results.  I write from my heart now, I want to quote everything from Part 4…all 32.

Even though I am not home. I am able to follow my commitment to MKMMA. So exciting !!! Exhausted, but still read my scrolls allowed with enthusiasm.

Growing growing stretch.

Week Three – First a breakdown for a breakthrough

How exciting to have such a fellowship of total strangers all coming together for a common cause. Everyone reaching out to help someone else. I am receiving kind words of encouragement. Myself giving thoughtful comments to my newly formed teammates.  Sunday webinar was a delight to look forward to. Time set aside for me. Time to listen and learn. Time to make changes to my old blue print/OBP.

You want to know the truth…I am a wreck. I left for a well deserved break from my routine life at home.  I took a 3 hour flight to Napa California. Time to myself, and I read the chapters of “The Greatest Salesman in the World/TGSitW”. I so proudly read Scroll I. I anticipated my time and was able to complete my tasks.  I am changing my OBP and creating a new one. OHHHHHH….how hard that is to do. I panicked as I felt in adequate to write a DMP. I wrote, but it didn’t come with desire. My OBP was winning. It was winning the fight not to change, not to make a dent in the breaking way. My eyes were cloudy and I was down. I was scared. …but there was enough of the 2 weeks, that my New Blue Print/NBP, was seeping through.  Today I begin a new life. Today I shed my old skin which hath, too long, suffered the bruises of failure and the wounds of mediocrity Today I am born anew…..

I spent a whole morning to myself. NO ONE…was around…just me and MKMMA via the computer. I relistened to past webinars and past videos. I had “crap removing” moments…revealing a small bit of my golden Buddha within me.  I had moments of OBP where I needed to change the laundry, I had to clean the toilet, I had to pick up my son, I had to make a follow up call.  Then I realized that I was many states away from home and I didn’t have to do anything but enjoy myself.  I was multitasking, but doing what I really like to do. I was preparing a dinner for 28 adults. I was just making 3 dishes, but the prep work took lots of cutting and dicing and slicing. Without going into too much detail of my total enjoyment, the dinner was a total success.  I was able to present a meal with unique flavors that many never experienced before. Every bite was a delightful flavor and each one was different.  I am still grinning ear to ear. In the middle of my peaceful time…I received a phone call from my guide. It was perfect timing as I had been in the mindset to talk with her. I explained my insecurity and she uplifted me with support and encouragement. I was able to carry on.

Only to be shot down by my OBP. But this time I was able to recognize the OBP. OBP does not want to change and will fight, kicking and biting and back stabbing.  OBP doesn’t like the book TGSitW. Why did Mandino use real Biblical characters? Saul/Paul had the Holy Spirit guide him, not scrolls. Where did the scrolls come from? But it is fiction, so then… the book is fiction and it’s content is fiction. So confusing, but… I choose to learn the virtues that this book is so famous for and the self improvement that transpire because of reading it. I am so looking forward to the next Scroll and the changes to come.

Another blow from OBP, when I get back to my home. It was a struggle to fully engaged on Monday’s webinar as No One was letting me be alone. They kept interrupting me. Then everything BAD, negative, that could throw me back into my OBP occurred. How can I do this? What strength, what desire, what passion??? HELP….

And then …after I read my Scroll for my mid meal quiet time, I start going through my mail. There was an envelope addressed to me. I didn’t recognize the sender. I opened it. An beautiful note. A well written note. A gift, of a journal pad. It made me smile. There in my hand, in my possession was a physical reminder of my NBP.  Thank you. Thank you. I have so much to remove and break and chip and claw away…to reveal my Buddha, BUT I know I will succeed. I may be slow, but slow and steady moving forward. Where there is a breakdown there follows a breakthrough!!!!

Week Two – DMP2

Growth, Change, Acceptance. I am reading Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. Powerful words are in that book. And it takes a lot of humbleness to be able to allow its penetration into your subconscious.

This whole book is my desire. How do I write that into my DMP. I am a canoe afloat out on the ever changing ocean. I want to follow all the other boats, but I don’t know how to use a canoe.  Plus my canoe needs fixing.

I am vulnerable. I do not know my burning desire. How can I write a DMP when I don’t know where to start?  I have not dreamed in a very long time.  My goals were goals for other people. My joy came because I did it to provide the means for other people’s joy. I love being a mother, wife, and friend. Everything I did was done freely and without expectations of any returns.  I do not know how to put a monetary value on what I want. I do not know what to sacrifice to give up to accomplish my desire.  What is my desire? I never thought to have one. Because I freely gave it away.

MKMMA has definitely helped me “discover the golden Buddha within me”. But the PAIN, the feelings stored up and oozing out is becoming unbearable. Am I alone? NO. I hope not. The lessons speak directly to me. follow the lessons. Do what they say to do. Do not stop the momentum that has been generated.  As the book writes “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough”.

Today, I said goodbye to a very loving and kind man. He was a perfect example of unconditional action. May Raymond Choriki, Rest in Peace…. So to you who is reading this, YOU are LOVED. I pray my journey be an inspiration to you. Take one day at a time. Read the scroll #1. Read it for 30 days or until it becomes you.

My DMP? It will evolve as I evolve? 5 points. 1) What monetary goal. 2) How will you get this monetary goal. What you intend to give in return? 3) Specific Time frame. 4) Create a definite plan to fulfill the desire. INCLUDE “feelings, how you will feel, how it makes you feel, write it in the present state”…. I write/post this to put this into my subconscious.